The Author

“I love fiction and the power therein.  Everything is true.

Nothing can be forgotten; it all lives eternally, inside the story.”

I love all forms of art. I love the power, the freedom, the divine like ability for creation. I recognized this from an early age, it awoke a hunger in me to create my own. Initially, I took to the visual arts. I drew, I painted, took photographs, and gained a unique perspective through which I saw my life. Music came next, and brought with it a beautiful new complexity. It shaped me as and artist and a person, showed me a different way to express myself, widened the audience that could reach. As I grew older, life became a bit of a distraction. I involved myself with things that brought excitement, and thrill, and new friends and life experiences, but took me away from my first love – Art-making. But as with most things in life, this too, served its purpose in building me up. This period of my life was for making mistakes and learning form them, and try to learn from them I did. Thoughts began to form, and I began to change again; new points of view unlocked, I could see the many sides of a fact. I began to understand that not everyone lies, their truth is simply different. I grew restless to tell someone my findings, to help someone, teach them through my experiences, change a life, change many perhaps. There was an unrelenting need to cause motion, to touch someone somewhere, to get to know someone I might never meet, to be known for who I am and not for what I look like.This is when I began to write, and I will continue to do so, hoping that every reader will find something in my words, something they’ll carry with them forever.

Sincerely L.L.D.


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