Do Not Disturb


He pulled the screen-door open and knocked on the aged, wooden one. No answer. The whole house whispered his location as he moved about. What an oddity this place was, he had never seen something like this, not in his fourteen years as detective. There were contraptions hanging above the door, and the windows were lined with lamps on the outside and heavy dark curtains on the inside. He knocked again. The door cracked slightly: “The Darkness is out there, you have to leave!” It slammed shut again.

“Mr. Wojick, please, it’s about Dianne; she’s missing.”

All the lights turned off.

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8 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb

  1. There was some great imagery in here -“house whispered his location and the darkness is out there.” The question I have is Dianne in there? Great creepy story.

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