Goodluck – #3

Fiction, Goodluck

There was music playing beneath clouds of stale cigarette smoke, muffled by yellowed windows which made the inside of the cabin look like an old photograph of men drinking and playing cards around a small wooden table. Jones counted four of them, probably drunk and clueless – it shouldn’t be too hard. His gun clicked, and it revealed a magazine two bullets away from depletion. Thankfully, his blade was sharp and hungry. He hid the bag he had been carrying between a pile of firewood and overgrown shrubbery and circled around, low and with his back against the stacked logs, searching for a breaching point. The windows weren’t an option, and they would hear him if he climbed over the cabin – not that he could come down the chimney; the front door was the only way in. He wrapped his fingers around the icy, corroded metal, and ever so slowly, he turned the knob. No one noticed the widening crack, Jones peeked through the opening in the door and, one, two, three… Where was the fourth one?

Faintly across the room, the sound of piss breaking the surface of water interrupted the current song; so he retracted the door but held the knob unlatched and waited for the man to return to his place at the table. His heavy boots echoed through the wood, and, as he passed the door, Jones swiftly walked-in behind him and stabbed him clean between the spine and the skull. At the thud of his large body hitting the ground, all three men at the table turned and were stricken by the sight of their fourth comrade. Jones shot the one closest to him, and he fell dead next to his friend; before the other two could jump out of their chairs, Jones kicked the table and knocked them back against the wall.

“If either of you two move, I will shoot you right though your fucking skulls.”

His prisoners replied with a stare, ignorant to Jones’s sad truth – only one bullet in the chamber left. Suddenly, a fifth pair of boots walked through the door. Pointing the barrel of his shotgun at Jones, he demanded:

“Freeze! Drop your gun and get your ass on the ground!”


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