The Man With The Long Beard.


After months of drifting, floating aimlessly atop the water, there was land. Just up ahead lay an island, it was small, but small was better than nothing. Besides, we were all that was left; we didn’t need much room, we just needed to get off this ship and come up with a plan to get back home. As we came up on the shore and made our way further in the island, we became aware of a presence, it belonged to the one who lived there. A single man came out to greet us, he welcomed us into his home and in between his words of kindness and hospitality, he told us we would never be leaving that place.


9 thoughts on “The Man With The Long Beard.

  1. Dear L.L.D.

    Sandra spoke my thoughts. And I believe a welcome to Friday Fictioneers is also in order. And again I use Hotel California re; writing flash fiction’s addiction. “You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.” 😉



  2. I can’t decide whether this is a horror story or a religious one. I always look for hope, so my chosen interpretation is the latter. Nicely done though, this has the feeling of an opening to an epic adventure, or – if I’m right – the close to one.

  3. Love the simplicity! I wonder if the man is being nice because he’s stuck with these people and he might as well be neighborly, or if he’s the one keeping them there? I like the ambiguity. : )

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