The New World – #5

Fiction, Voice Week '13

Old Pals

“It was, seven years ago they sent all of them back. It didn’t matter where they came from, if you didn’t have the right blood, they put you out. And, well, I guess things are a little easier now, a little more peaceful ’round here but, that was my best friend they shipped out. Over fifty years I’d known him. We grew up together, we’d run ’round causing trouble, man, we used to do everything together… I know we’ll see each other again, and if we don’tโ€“ well, he is my best friend ya know?”

Voice Week 2013, Friday

Word count: 94


6 thoughts on “The New World – #5

  1. How sad. I suspect it was the most natural thing in the world for these two to make friends, despite all the taboos. That’s how it is with most kids, I think. Fantastic, lovable voice to finish out the week!

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