The New World – #4

Fiction, Voice Week '13

Buried Roots

“I was happy when paw-paw told us we were leaving. I never really liked it at my granpa’s. I didn’t have no friends, people at school were mean… I don’t know. But I feel like that was a long, long time ago. It feels, not real? Like I can’t really remember that it happened, like I was always from here… Does that make any sense? The only thing that still fresh, that I feel like I can remember good, is the drive. Our car, it had a sunroof; one of the nights we were on the road I remember looking through it and seeing the night sky and thinking it looked the same on this side. I fell asleep and when I woke up, we were home.”

Voice Week 2013, Thursday

Word Count: 130


7 thoughts on “The New World – #4

  1. This felt a little hazy, a younger child/teenager perhaps, with lots of thoughts and memories; trying to make sense of everything. It came across like she(?) was perhaps daydreaming had that kind of feel to it too.

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