The New World – #1

Fiction, Voice Week '13

White Lies

“It was nothing like they said. No gold on the streets, no bills to wipe my ass with, there was no one handing out blessings. None of us were melting, bonding together in some pot. In fact, people are cold, private. They look down as they pass you instead of waving hello or asking how one is. I don’t know who came up with those stories, but no one tells them on this side. We work, we drink, and we hardly sleep; we do this for a dime. It’s the land of opportunity, that’s what they told me. That’s why I came… Why do I stay? Well, I guess now, this is all I got… No sense in going back.”


Voice Week 2013, Monday

Word Count: 128


9 thoughts on “The New World – #1

  1. Interesting picture of the disillusioned immigrant, realizing success takes work even in the land of opportunity, wondering if success comes at all. Nice choice for a first voice! I look forward to tomorrow.

  2. Wow…I wasn’t expecting to read that, but I’m glad I did. The feelings and sentiments you’ve captured are so true and real…it’s unfortunate that these false conceptions of reality exist. In our writing, though, we have the power to dispel them.

  3. This is absolutely brilliant -and you capture the essence of (to me) what appears to be a homeless person -but rereading it, it does come across as a possible immigrant (illegal or not) or a young person looking to fill their dreams of what the land of opportunities could bring to them, but has not delivered its claims. Really gripping, I look forward to your next instalment. 🙂

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