The sun went down again, I could see it hiding behind the scenery;

It’d gone around twice since my captivity.

My legs were fast asleep, in a comatose state really. I however couldn’t sleep.

My cell was meant for something smaller, a creature, not for someone of repute and stature like myself.

I cried, howled pleading for one more inch; for a place to take my face and get my nose

away from the growing stench.

“Lou, shut the fuck up!” His voice rose.

                                                              The sound of his footsteps terrified me, as I heard’um coming down the stairs.

Each step down pushed me further into the pile of shit in the corner of my cage.

When his face appeared, life’s rosy haze vanished. It revealed

Grey-scale calamity. Our eyes met through the barred gate

And for the first time we saw each other as we were; the both of us



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